Straight Sex


8 Months Past... As we waited for our first client to arrive, Sandra and I relaxed with drinks. I\'d started taking small bottles from hotel mini-bars home with me if clients had to leave quickly aft... [detailed]

  • Livia The Bad Employee

    Livia Behrends got greedy, and then she got sloppy and as well as greedy. She was the assistant bookkeeper in the offices of a small restaurant chain. With the cash coming in, she figured she could pi[detailed]

  • C-day of Marcelo - Part 1

    \"Marcelo,\" my wife called my name, \"about the thing we talked earlier...\" We were having our dinner quietly until that moment. I looked at her with question. \"About, you know, the fantasy,\" she[detailed]

    05月11日 [fantasy]sinkmartini
  • Carpe Diem

    Dear Reader, Nobody believed our story. But the events I relate to you below really happened. It may seem fantastic, but truth is always stranger than fiction.[detailed]

    05月11日 [fantasy]TheShyThespian
  • Converts

    Priestess Fiona knelt on the bed and thrust her fingers deep into the two girls’ privates. Her lovers lay on their backs convulsing and moaning as they clutched at the bedsheets. Their long silky hai[detailed]

  • John And The Goddess

    He watched with trepidation as she fiddled with the last morsel of her dessert. It was almost a cliché; a cherry, as red as her painted lips, and a perfect match for her striking dress. She twirled t[detailed]

    05月11日 [fantasy]TheShyThespian
  • Does Lightning Alter Memories, Or Something Else?

    A raging thunderstorm interrupted my repeating dream of Colleen. I dreamed about her a lot. My encounter with Colleen was a missed opportunity but when you\'re 17, without a lot of worldly experience,[detailed]

    05月11日 [fantasy]StickyKeyboard
  • I Was Made For Loving You

    \"I\'ll see you in the next life.\" Those were her final words before she shut her eyes and never opened them again. Those were the words that haunted me echoing endlessly; leaving me to realize that[detailed]

    05月11日 [fantasy]vanessa26
  • Robin And Marion

    The Observer was well hidden. There were decadent moans, followed by a flash of light—and another key moment of the past was witnessed. Four moving on, two remaining!Robin and Marion.Moving closer,[detailed]

    05月11日 [fantasy]TheShyThespian
  • Twin Flames Burning

    The night air of the summer solstice was warm and the full moon shone crisp and clear, lighting the treetops of the cedar grove. The assembly of the medieval Pagan tribe of the Adadeyodi  - the “Enl[detailed]

    05月11日 [fantasy]wesa
  • Another Night

    Alone again in a peaceful place, but not alone at all.The sensual feeling of a night at home, as the fading daylight falls.The fantasy world within my head makes the rising feeling grow.A consolidatio[detailed]

    05月11日 [fantasy]LucyLou62
  • Fantasy Or Reality?

    My pussy throbbed with excitement and I felt my wetness grow as I read the message detailing exactly what he wanted to do with me when we met. I felt a stab of excitement and then shook my head, tryin[detailed]

    05月11日 [fantasy]Newbie72
  • Self-Tied and almost caught

    Our sex life has been a bit slow lately given the stress of negative current events, but my sex drive and fantasies seem to be keeping up or even surpassing their norm.  I recently set about trying t[detailed]

    05月11日 [fantasy]Fun4Both
  • The Touch of the Forbidden

    Illicit touch’s giddy frisson.“A drunken one off,” I had told him.It was; until fingers again brush my skin. Pussy memory dampens my knickers.“Shouldn’t,” I say, half-heartedly.Wordlessly, my in[detailed]

  • Silk Noir Haze

    His scarlet throb traces my lips, slickens them in a honeyed froth. Though blinded by silk noir haze, I divine its hue from its hardness. It probes, a plum brimming with the taste of his control, the[detailed]

  • Techno Slut

    Techno music throbs, dark room filled with thrashing dancers. His hand snakes under my shirt, finds my braless boobs, plays with my nipples.I stroke his dick through his jeans, then drag it out and ta[detailed]

  • Late again

    She\'s late! Again!  Agitation swells but is forgotten when she arrives safely. Forgotten but never forgiven. Words aren\'t necessary.Looking nervously at her feet, she kneels at mine, kissing each[detailed]

  • A Woman Scorned

    Keys rattled, a door closed, followed by a familiar voice and heavy footsteps on the stairs. Ignoring them, she concentrated on her lover’s lustful groans while sucking and slurping, tasting revenge.[detailed]

    05月11日 [microfiction]Saucymh
  • Aftermath

    The phone jangles me from my post-orgasm sleep.\"I need to see you. Hotel bar.\"Only two hours since we said we\'d never meet again.Slipping on sweatpants and shirt, slippers, hotel robe, I navigate[detailed]

  • Daydreams

    Her thoughts digress as she eyes his leather belt. Would he spank her with it?Daydreams darken the bright room, his words behind frosted glass. Musing what desires keep him up at night.Chivalry didn\'[detailed]

  • Jasmine asks a question

    Jasmine stood there, slowly stroking herself.  Her friend was sitting on the bed holding her own, now very soft, cock. They both looked at Doug as Jasmine said, \"Do you really think you can go back[detailed]

    05月11日 [microfiction]Brookell
  • Her Effortless Seduction

    The town centre was empty, save the queue I needed for the bank. Sighing, I made for the tail of the two-metre segregation. Lips pursed, I was so not looking forward to this until she walked around th[detailed]

    05月11日 [microfiction]simon66
  • Oh Nurse!

    Recovering from shoulder surgery is a struggle, but nothing as challenging as removing a back-hook bra.The sexy light-haired nurse came in and saw me struggling, she stepped behind to help.Her hands l[detailed]

    05月11日 [microfiction]Brookell
  • Stalling

    Glorious make up sex looms as my  estranged girlfriend motions me into the ladies room stall. The door left ajar for well wishing voyeurs. I lean to kiss.  \"No foreplay. Strict word limit,\" she a[detailed]

  • The Witch's Brew

    Pleasure and pain twisted transcendently, contorting with the curves of my breasts as he thrust. My head turned in an expression of ecstasy, screaming across the field. I clawed, drawing him deep to c[detailed]

  • Heather - Part 11

    I woke up the next morning on my back. Heather\'s naked body pressed against me. Her leg lay over mine, while she lightly rubbed my chest with her soft hand. I turned my head to see my beautiful daugh[detailed]

    05月13日 [incest]808Stories
  • Incestual Thoughts: Temptations Ch01

    As I was happily driving to work like any other day, my phone suddenly rang. \"Hi, Honey.\" \"Hi,\" I heard my wife, Meadow, say. \"The school just called me.\"[detailed]

    05月13日 [incest]bob03567
  • Incestual Thoughts: Temptations Ch02

    I recalled our conversation the next morning and was flabbergasted by what my wife said, and excited at the same time. Was this really going to happen? Was my wife going to let our son touch her sensu[detailed]

    05月13日 [incest]bob03567
  • Heather - Part 12

    When I emerged from the bathroom, Heather was lying on my bed, wearing a light pink bra and matching panties with the ankle strap heels that I find so sexy. She had a black, lace choker around her nec[detailed]

    05月13日 [incest]808Stories
  • Turning Eighteen Has Some Perks - Part Four

    David and his mother were having sex most nights.  Usually, he would approach her after her shift at the club. David\'s mother was a stripper and enjoyed having sex.  Since his threesome with his fr[detailed]

    05月13日 [incest]Mysteria27
  • Teaching cock teasing stepdaughter a lesson

    “Your Stepdaughter is such a cock tease”. I’m not sure what emboldened me to say these words to my work colleague about his daughter, Sara, who must have been 18 years old, I guess. They were true,[detailed]

    05月13日 [incest]corrupter
  • Morning Glory

    I was so tired, but again I couldn’t sleep. It had been the same for a whole week; in school, I had been totally brain-dead. But it was the weekend tomorrow and I couldn’t wait to sleep in.[detailed]

    05月13日 [incest]Johnsmith2102
  • A Pussy Full Of Penis 1

    It was the evening of the day after that first day. Even though the initial surprise and shock had receded, there was still that feeling of disbelieving embarrassment between us. Like an emotional fou[detailed]

    05月13日 [incest]Ian56UK
  • The Spankings

    Gina Meadows, who was aged in her mid-fifties, and her seventeen-year-old son Ryan had now been lovers for almost two weeks. The cane that had been ordered at Gina\'s suggestion and Ryan\'s agreement[detailed]

    05月13日 [incest]PJH
  • Bri's Decision

    The Saturday morning sunlight lit up Bri’s golden locks that were cascading down her back.  Matt sat in the living room with his morning cup, admiring the young beauty washing her new Camaro in his[detailed]

    05月13日 [incest]Anonymous
  • The Caning

    The third week of Gina Meadows\' incestuous affair with her son Ryan had gone much the same as the first two. They had had sex every night and sometimes had sex during the day as Ryan got more and mo[detailed]

    05月13日 [incest]PJH
  • The Cane For Gina

    It was Friday morning and Gina and Ryan were chatting at the breakfast table prior to her day at work and his at school. With it being a Friday, the evening would lead to a weekend of incestuous sex b[detailed]

    05月13日 [incest]PJH